FIFA Evolution va pune la dispozitie ultima varianta a FERL ce contine liga romaneasca. Aceasta versiune, FERL v3 contine Liga 1 si Liga a 2a a Romaniei, patch ce este compatibil cu FIFA 13. Pentru mai multe detalii legate de patch, cat si imagini din FERL v3, CLICK AICI


Administrator of this patch : shadow_boy32 with his FIFA Evo friends: Soare Sergiu Marian, Cristiano Andres, Spuk and marius_lacatus13.

Also I would like to thank a lot to all my friends from soccergaming and FIFA Evo partners: 


- Nebojša Trajković, ZikaJeSrbin, Devilish Soldier, Voja_SRB, Filip Lukic, Mitke92 (for great help in Serbian teams)

- NightFire, SckraT, FOXLISIN, HIT MAN, Vladtol, Dikobraz, Alex G, alex94, Vadios, TORNADO, Jackass86, andrey01925, Medved9508 and USSR Team (for Russian faces) darrek1988, Jarro Celtian, Walczu (for Ukrainean Teams)

- Bernd (for his great tool)

- fifaCCitiu.com

- Gusanito 

- zico99

- New_Maker

- BitmaueR (Caldwell) 

- dominat0r 

- Tonce

- Cesc_4

- wolff

- Rabzyxor

- CoolerMaster

- Mad Man

- bina

- SieL23

- zico95

- dshift

- sam_red devil

- xavialex

- DizzeeSpellz

- sepak

- utopia79

- vegasos

- zyreq

- root4rulez

- pao4ever

- scouser09

- iard68

- evolution


I hope that the list it’s complete. If someone who helped me on FERL V3 is not on list please contact me and I will update it, because you can see there are a lot of names.

Thank you again to all!! 


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